Don't believe the hype,
Just try it for yourself.

"The feedback has been solid. We had it tested early on, as you know, against other flowering boosters at the same time so that we could compare them. The corner where Buddhas Tree was used was a completely different story from the rest as far as density, smell and oil production are concerned..."

"The PK 9-18 has always been popular for us here at Hydro Hobby and we love all of the Buddhas Tree Products. Our customers particularly like the Solar Green Power and Meta Boost is an outstanding product too. We cant fault them. Our customers really like how far they go and they offer real quality with value for money."

"The entire Buddhas Tree range sells incredibly well, feedback we've received from customers has all been extremely positive, in particular Solar Green Power, with one customer commenting that he could see noticeable results in just a matter of days with leaves turning a lush green colour, stems strengthening and a general overall improvement on the plants health."
"It works so well! It causes massive swelling and everybody comments on the level of oils it produces! It is smashing every other booster at the moment in our area."

"At Premier we only stock products that are effective and provide our customers with consistently satisfying results. Having tested the Buddhas Tree range ourselves under grow room conditions , we know first hand as do our customers the outstanding benefits and results that can be achieved."
"We introduced Buddha's Tree last November at Britcrops and the feed back is always the same "(Expletive)Wow!" Customers report a massive visual difference with in a couple of weeks when using Buddha's Tree and the aroma towards the end of the cycle is amazing."